Q: What Firearm can I legally install the JT Grip on
A: Any Firearm with a stock
A: Any Firearm with a folding stock
A: Any Firearm with an Over All Length greater than 26 inches
A: Any SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)
A: Any pistol longer than 26 inches

Q: What will the JT AR Grip fit
A: Any milspec AR platform
A: Any firearm that accepts an AR pistol grip

Q: What will the JT AK Grip fit
A: All AKs but the AMD with folding stock and the SAM 7 with thumb selector

Q: How to get my AR pistol to a length greater than 26 inches
A: If your barrel is 11.5 or longer and your pistol utilizes a buffer tube, then your length is already over 26” and you’re good to go.
A: With a 10.5 barrel, you will need to install either an extended buffer tube or permanently affix the muzzle device
A: With a 7.5 or shorter barrel, you will need both, an extended buffer tube and a permanently affixed muzzle device

Q: How do I get my AK pistol to a legal length greater than 26 inches
A: The only legal way for an AK pistol is a permanently affixed barrel extension

Q: Do buffer tubes on an AK count towards the over all length


After removing the old grip from firearm, use the supplied hex key to install the JT Grip. On the JT AR Grip, take care to install the detent spring into the grip first, and to not kink it during installation. Once the bolt has bottomed, tighten no more than ½ turn more.


After installing grip you notice binding or interference in the movement of the JT Grip.

1. Make sure the grip has not been over tightened. The grip should be tightened no more than ½ turn after bolt has bottomed out.

2. Stamped AK receivers are not square. One side of the grip may be rubbing on the underside of the receiver. A few passes with a file will fix it, taking caution not to let filings fall into the workings of the grip.


1. If you can only get off two or three shots at a time, you are using to much forward pressure. The amount of forward pressure is slightly more than your trigger pull!

2. Both the AR and AK benefit from having a smooth and light trigger pull. For best results a trigger pull of five pounds or less is recommended.

3. Use quality ammunition. The AR may only run on brass, while the AK should run on anything.