The JT Grip from JT Grip Solutions will be the first pistol grip for the AR-15 AK-47 platform that will allow for semi-automatic and simulated automatic fire using the bump fire technique. Both models contain a lock-out mechanism from one mode to the next and ergonomic feel for secure handling during use. The JT Grip was designed for the pistol or the underfolder but is at home, just the same, on rifles. Made in the USAThey will be made from a reinforced Nylon here in the USA from a trusted company with years of experience in firearms manufacturing.


According to the BATF, installing the JT Grip on a pistol under 26 inches will create an AOW which is illegal without proper Form 1 paperwork, and $5 tax stamp. To legally install the JT Grip on an AR 15 or AK 47 “pistol”, the overall length needs to be greater than 26 inches.

CLICK for ATF letter ruling on JT Grip   ||   CLICK for BATFE letter regarding a pistol with a vertical grip